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Beauty in the Nuance.

I asked a question to my audience on Instagram about simplicity; whether we as a society crave complication and if we thrive on it to get us to our "next destination". 2 people responded. One said [paraphrased] 'simplicity is the place we reach only once we drive through complication' - and I was uncomfortable with how true this simple statement might be. It would appear that complexity is what much of our first halves of life* consist of before we can reach the golden gates of simplicity.

This idea is close to my heart because I have always considered myself to be quite a simple young lady. I enjoy and need clarity in my relationships, in my work (this is why I have found fulfilment in session work in the past), and in whatever other personal goals I desire to hit. I like when people know what they want, which is why I always strive to ensure I know what I want and when they have a sense of direction they can offer - especially if I am to be involved in their life in any way.

Except I don't.

Apparently there's more to my self-claimed simplicity that isn't quite accurate. I like to be told what we're doing, but I will do it myself. I enjoy being hired to do a specific thing, but I'm going to need to do my own thing once I get there. I like decisive individuals, but don't decide on my behalf.

Someone recently asked me which belief system I adhered to/resonated with and after a little consideration I responded "[sigh] I am...a nuancist". I was very proud of my new word that seemed to describe my deeply buried disposition on life in general.

Now how does this relate to anything artistic or perhaps relevant to this blog? It has come to my attention over a long period of time that sticking to one form of artistic expression (especially by way of genre) is quite confining and doesn't allow for my true nature to be. The only problem is that this has lots of potential to be quite a confusing stance for the industry I belong to to fathom. I used to be quite bothered by the fact that my industry doesn't seem to be suited to support nuancists but over time I have come to appreciate some universal truths about life, namely that that which a man sows, he shall reap. My job is to create freely, honestly and truthfully and allow the fruits of my labour to manifest in due season.

If you are a creator - perhaps a musician, baker, chef, designer, what is getting in the way of your fullest expression coming to light?

What can you do to be your best artistic self?

Honesty at its most vulnerable.

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